Angelica's Silver Award Project

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Welcome to My Silver Award Project webpage! In this website you will find information on my project, "Friends of the Zoo", how to help, a little bit about me, how to get involved, and a blog where I will update you on my project and more! 

What is a Silver Award Project?

A Silver Award Project is a project that involves helping the community and it is the highest award that can be given to Cadette Scouts. It gives you the chance to prove that you are a leader that is organized, dedicated, and determined to improve your community and make the world a better place! But before you have fun starting your project and helping the community, you have to complete a few pre-requisites. You have to complete a Girl Scout Journey (Amaze, Breathe, or Media) which is a book that helps you out with life and all its twists and turns. It requires you to be in 6th, 7th or 8th grade or a Cadette to complete your Silver Award.